Neeraj Jain & Sakshi Jain

We are getting married on

15th Jan 2020


The harmony of love meets with the melody of life to create our beautiful love song .Together with our parents, we cordially invite you to be a witness to one of life's loveliest surprises as we exchange our marriage vows on , 15th January 2020

Neeraj Jain & Sakshi Jain

You work, you play and then, one just happens! He asked, and she said yes...or was it the other way around? However it happened Each day begins fresh and new knowing I'll be spending it with you Two lives, two hearts joined together in friendship ,united forever in love. We've decided on forever and forever begins when with our new life together.

Our Story

How it all started.

03 Nov 2018

First Meet

As it happens in all Arranged marriages, Our parents forced us to meet, but we feel blessed that they did :)

22 Apr 2019

First date

and that's our first official date:P in the Pink City.

25 Apr 2019


He bent on knee and proposed a deal, She blushed all over and agreed to his plea.
The `merger & acquisition` of two got finalized that day.

19 Sep 2019

Our First Outing

When it feels home away from home that's when your Outing is successful and for us 19th Sep was that kindaa day.

25 Oct 2019

Pre Wedding Shoot

She forced me to do it but trust me i owe it to her that how Awesome this shoot came out to be, Thanks Sakshi :)

15 Jan 2020

Engagement and Wedding Coming Soon....

We are all set to tie the knot. We would regard it as a blessing if you come at the wedding and wish us..


Mr. Rajnish Shrimal & Mrs. Pushpa Jain

{ Neeraj’s Parents }


Miss Ayushi Jain

{ Neeraj’s Sister }

Mr. Jagdeesh Jain & Mrs. Vandana Jain

{ Sakshi’s Parents }

Mr. Saransh Jain & Mrs. Bhawna Jain

{ Sakshi’s Brother and Sister In Law }

Mr. Shreyansh Jain

{ Sakshi’s Brother }

Wedding Rituals

Haldi Rasm

14 Jan 2020 at 2:15 pm


14 Jan 2020 at 4:15 pm


14 Jan 2020 at 6:00 pm


15 Jan 2020 10:15 AM

This is the beginning of our happily ever after....

See location

Swaruchi Bhoj
15 Jan 2020 05:15 PM

Please enjoy the delicious meals and bless the couple :)

See location

Nikasi - Baraat Prasthan
15 Jan 2020 05:15 PM

Baraat will start from Lords City Homes given in the location below.

See location

Pre-Wedding Teaser

Contact wth us

Rajnish Jain 9929684402

Pushpa Jain 9413160242

Neeraj Jain 8686753667